My First Post

Hello Everyone!  After much debate over the past couple years, I decided that I definitely wanted to start a blog documenting my food adventures amongst my crazy grad-student-dancer life.  This was decision was further pushed along by a discussion with some friends during lunch today.

To kick off my blog I’m going to share my latest baking adventure.

The other weekend, my friend and I decided that in lieu of our “craft of the month,” we would bake something tasty, sweet, and fall-themed together instead.  Well, as we are both obsessed with coffee and cupcakes, pumpkin spice latte cupcakes just fell into our laps.  Plus, pinterest was sharing some amazing recipes with us.

Here’s my favorite one – it was even tastier than it looks:

I guess that’s one more thing closer to my goal of tasting as many things pumpkin spice as possible this fall.  Also crossed off my list:  pumpkin spice lattes, chai tea latte mix, and shipyard pumpkin ale…all phenomenal!  This fall is all about indulging and living it up – enjoy the beautiful colors, and have some yummy fall-themed eats!


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