Two Amazing Wegmans Purchases

First of all – it’s 10/11/12!

Second – I love breakfast.  Seriously… LOVE.  After class one day I decided to cave on my craving for bagels and go to Wegmans.  When looking at cream cheese I discovered Philadelphia Chive Whipped Cream Cheese!  Whipped cream cheese is SO much better than regular.  Add to that chives like the ones that have been growing in a giant planter in my parents’ backyard forever and it is a must-buy.

To say I was nervous putting it on my bagel the next morning is an understatement – but I was not disappointed.  I would buy it again…and again and again.  Even now that I’ve run out of bagels it is still amazing.  It has taken the place of mayonnaise or mustard on my sandwiches, and this morning I added a thin spread to my egg, bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich (best breakfast sandwich I’ve had in a while).

My other amazing Wegmans purchase this month was Wegman’s Fall Harvest Cereal.  Flakes, oat clusters, dried cranberries, apples and pumpkin seeds.  Can you say perfect cereal for the season?


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