Trader Joe’s & More Pumpkin!

I love Trader Joe’s!  We finally got one nearby a couple weeks ago, and I could not resist making my boyfriend go with me the first chance we got.  OK – it wasn’t so forceful; he completely agreed to go.  Since I knew I’d be jealous if we went without my mom, we met my parents there.  Being the first Saturday open, it was PACKED!

Of course, two of the three things my boyfriend and I bought were pumpkin-related:  Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte Mix and Ithaca Beer Company’s Country Pumpkin.

I made the Chai Latte as soon as we got back; it did not disappoint at all!  We tried the beer later that night.  It was not my favorite (I’m loving Shipyard’s), but my boyfriend enjoyed his.  I’m a finicky beer drinker, so I’m definitely not the best judge.

More pumpkin to come:  Bruegger’s Pumpkin Bagels and Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Granola from Averie Cooks


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