A Little Me Time

Sometimes, I just need a little me time.  No guilt.  No apologies.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

That being said, last night after a meeting I decided I wasn’t going to do anymore reading for classes.  Instead, I made breakfast for dinner, painted my toenails, and indulged in Netflix.  Yes, I answered emails (I have a serious problem of Obsessive-Compulsive-Email-Checking-And-Answering).  And eventually I took a moment to start thinking about a paper; although the paper-planning led to doodling and drawing…

And spending a little time wishing I could be snuggling with this cutey:

Am I now a little nervous I won’t get all my work done this weekend?  Maybe.  Did I spend part of the evening wondering if I should do work since I have several fun things planned throughout the coming weekend?  Absolutely.  But so what?  (I’m still a rock star – Pink, anyone?)

I was tired and my mind needed a break – so it got one.

I fully encourage each and every one of you to do the same every once in a while:  CHOOSE to not do anything work related; indulge in a guilty-pleasure tv show while eating cookies and drinking tea; go to bed early!


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