The Perfect Friday Night

I had all these plans to make acorn squash with pork chops for me and my boyfriend last night.  And then I got out of class and had NO desire to cook.  Even more so, we really didn’t want to clean up after dinner.  Nothing sounded better than ordering chinese take-out and grabbing a “create-your-own-6-pack” of beer from Wegmans.  So that’s what we did.  Here’s a peek at what we ordered:

I was impressed, to say the least, at the entire experience.  We ordered online (, and it could not have been easier.  We ordered General Tso’s Chicken (literally the best I’ve ever had, and I usually order it every place I go), Chicken Chop Suey (neither of us was impressed with this) and Pork Chow Mein (SO tasty, but my mom’s homemade is definitely better).  We scheduled when to pick it up, and headed to Wegmans to grab the beer.

When we got to the Chinese restaurant to pick up our food, I was amazed at how much there was.  Usually when we order that much we end up with these tiny boxes of each thing.  This time there was enough to feed at least 4, and for less than $20.  It was such a great deal for amazing food!

During dinner we allowed our beer to chill and each cracked one open when we were finished eating.  Ithaca Brew Company’s Apricot Wheat may be my new favorite beer!  It was nice and light – not ideal for most people, but considering I’m not a big beer drinker it was perfect to me.  There was also the perfect balance between the flavor of the beer and the sweetness of apricot.

We watched Two and a Half Men and then Dirty Sexy Money (our new Netflix obsession).  Overall it was the perfect relaxing Friday date night!


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