Rainy Halloween Weekend

This weekend was much-needed.  After a relaxing Friday date-night with Boyfriend, we slept in way later than usual Saturday morning.  And seriously, there is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee on a rainy Saturday morning.  Late morning I met up with my mom for some mother-daughter shopping at Yankee Candle, manicures, and more shopping at Homegoods.

It had been years since I had bought anything at Yankee Candle, and I ended up spending much more than planned.  As I’m sitting here enjoying my “Fresh Mint” candle (which is really quite fresh, relaxing and rejuvenating), I’m still rationalizing that the money spent was worthwhile as we head into the bitter winter months.  Mom convinced me that I should try a gel manicure, and since it was her treat I couldn’t turn it down.  Homegoods remains one of my favorite stores, but I was appalled that Christmas decorations were already in full-swing.  Even though I love Christmas decorations more than most, there is a time and a place!  I finally put my birthday gift card to good use and bought a snazzy basket for storing notebooks next to my coffee table, a hot pad/dish towel set and chipotle sipping chocolate!

A peek at my Halloween/autumn-inspired manicure

Saturday night was filled with pumpkin ravioli topped with brussels sprouts and getting ready for a Halloween party – pictures to come soon!  Sunday the rain continued.  Boyfriend and I made homemade soup, and I sat doing reading and writing a paper.  I have never struggled so much to get mentally invested into a paper.  It is still not finished – I’m hoping that my fresh mind tomorrow morning and after modern will lead to some amazing revising skills.

My evening has been occupied by reading, tea and cookies!


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