Hurricane Sandy and the Power of Dance as Language

Right before writing this post I got up to make a cup of tea.  Looking out my front window at the street, I see the water rising and blowing around, tree branches whipping with gusts of wind, and I cannot even imagine what it is like for those in the worst areas of the storm.  Here, it’s a reason to cancel classes and activities, bunker in for the night and think of all of those in potential danger.


Take out the possibility of those we love being harmed, and it’s actually a little exciting.  Think about it – class is ending and we are all told to go immediately home and stay there.  Granted it’s to be protected from potential high winds.  Yet here I am, sitting in my apartment, enjoying a cup of tea, being updated about the storm.  I’m bunkered in and cozy for the night.  I made some dinner (mac n cheese, chicken, swiss chard), and now I’m having a cup of tea while curled up on the couch writing blog posts and papers.  Can we ask for anything more out of a rainy, windy night?
All of that being said, I am constantly thinking of those who are in harm’s way tonight – especially my brother and sister-in-law, along with my boyfriend’s sister and her husband.  And I’ll leave you with a quote I came across that truly captures why I’m studying dance.

“The power of dance lies in its nonverbal nature, in its ability to communicate concepts and emotions beyond language” – Michelle Kranicke & Lara Pruitt


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