Becoming Your Halloween Costume

It has been 2 years since I dressed up for Halloween.  The last time I did, I was a Senior in college.  My roommates and I dressed up as the Pink Ladies – it was pretty amazing, especially since we made our costumes.

This year, I dressed up as a pirate and Boyfriend dressed up as a Lumberjack.  Being a pirate is possibly my favorite costume I have ever had.  I wore my clothes I already owned, got to do some smoky-sexy-pirate eye shadow and wear an awesome pirate hat!  As we got ready and headed to a Halloween party Saturday night, our conversations consisted of things like “Aarg!  I’m a Pirate!”  “TIMBER!” and pretty much anything having to do with “booty” (as in pirate’s booty – not the booty-call kind).  Obviously, it made for a great night.


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