Transitioning Between Fall and Winter

As I was sitting in class Tuesday, I was thinking how the season where baking with pumpkin was quickly coming to a close.  And yet, I still had a mix for Pumpkin Bread in the cupboard.  So, I decided to make it.  It was a great idea!  I added some chocolate chips and threw one loaf in the freezer for another day.  It still seems odd as we transition from Fall and into Thanksgiving, but then it is immediately the holiday season and Winter is upon us.
While Mother Nature makes the weather transitions, and we make the holiday and seasonal transitions, my food is making the transition from fall flavors to winter flavors.  I’m craving Pumpkin less and less (although that bread is fabulous), and starting to crave Peppermint Mocha, extra cups of coffee and hot cocoa with candles lit in the dimming afternoon and evenings.
That would explain why I couldn’t resist buying this LUNA bar at Wegmans to snack on with my cup of Sipping Chocolate.
It was the perfect snack for after class.


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