Happy Things to Kick Off the Weekend

  1. Dark Chocolate– there is nothing better than a piece of dark chocolate after a tasty dinner.  I’ve especially enjoyed having dark chocolate and red wine after a spicy meal.
  2. Dried Strawberries – My mom bought these for our drive to the baby shower and we both fell in love.  I was able to find them at the Wegmans near me; they are fantastic!
  3. Trying New Beer Flavors – My boyfriend and I recently bought a “create-your-own” 6-pack of beer from Wegmans.  I decided since I didn’t have class until after noon the next day I would give this pumpkin one a try.  Plus, as I posted before, Pumpkin season is swiftly coming to a close.
  4. Modern Class – It doesn’t get much better than walking into class feeling completely disconnected from yourself, and getting to experience the perfect class.  That’s how class was today (fyi – I’m writing this part on Wed).  We had time to focus on our selves and on our bodies.  I left class feeling better than I would have ever expected.  If that’s not happy, I don’t know what is.
  5. The countdown to Thanksgiving continues!  And we’re down to less than a week.  This is a much-needed break, and some much-needed time with my family and my boyfriend (It’s our first Thanksgiving together with my whole family there!).

Do you have any Happy Thoughts as you head into the weekend?  Is anyone else as excited as I am for Thanksgiving?  Let’s just hope the weekend continues to bring good thoughts to get us through the short week before a special, long weekend!!


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