December Intentions

Back at the start of November I began a tradition of monthly goals.  I’m not going to share detailed progress this month because I truly feel these are personal and should be ongoing.  Overall, I have been doing well at achieving my goals, but could definitely use a little more effort and growth.

This month my goals are a little more festive…and simpler.

  1.  Enjoy the holiday seasonfor the first time in several years I am not working retail ALL holiday season.  I will be returning to my job at the end of my semester, but I will only be working a week of the shopping season where last year I was working almost full-time at my part-time job for about 2 months.  That being said, I’m taking full advantage and indulging in walks in the snow, hot cocoa, Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping, looking at other people’s lights and many other holiday festivities.
  2. Stop worrying what other people thinkI have a great life, a great family.  My friends will continue to support me alongside my family…as long as I’m true to myself.  Each time I talk to a friend I realize how lucky I am.  And I realize there are people in this world who just get me.  So, why not be that person they accept and embrace?  Forget just being that person, love that person!

Let’s leave it at two monthly intentions this year.  With a hectic schedule and these lofty, high-reaching goals, I think that’s enough…

Anyone else excited for December?  I know the snow is a pain for traveling, but it is so festive and pretty – what do you think of the snowy season?


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