Coffee and Wine

Our Christmas has been absolutely wonderful – and now we have at least a foot of snow outside.  It’s gorgeous!  When I’m home, or just with my family anywhere, my time seems to be taken up by either coffee or wine.  My mom and I have enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee for years.  It started when I was in high school and heading off to dance for the evening, as my mom was getting ready to grade endless amounts of paper.  We would take a few moments in the midst of our crazy day and catch up over a cup of coffee.  So, in honor of that, Santa brought my mom and I these stunning mugs from McKenzie Childs – specifically for the moments where we catch up over a cup of coffee in the middle of our crazy lives.
















My brother is hilarious – or at least he thinks he is.  This year he and my sister-in-law sent our presents.  They, by far, got me the funniest gift.  I should also mention that my Aunt got me these really cool wine glass coasters; they fit over the bottom of a wine glass so you don’t have to worry about getting a coaster back on.  Perfect for parties when you don’t want to constantly remind people to use a coaster!  Anyway, here’s the mustache wine charms my brother and sis-in-law gave me this year:



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