Happy New Year – a little late

Happy New Year!!


I’m a little behind in welcoming 2013 on my blog, but I’ve been very busy with an extended celebration and some relaxation.  Since Christmas I’ve had lots of family time, time with the Boyfriend and time with his family, snuggling with my kitty, puzzles, shopping, lots of coffee, amazing food, and some festive champagne on New Year’s Eve.

The past couple days have been occupied by waiting for my first niece to be born – there’s not much worse than waiting.  Today was even more filled with lying around and relaxing, but not by choice.  None of us have really been sleeping as we are excitedly waiting the arrival of the new baby in our family.  Then I went and got a flu shot, which frankly, I didn’t react to well.  I thought I was going to pass out and ended up spending more time at the doctor’s office than planned.  My entire afternoon was spent on the couch eating, sleeping, and yes – more waiting for baby news.

I’ll be taking another short break from the blog, as I’m heading off to Boston tomorrow for the weekend to see some of my most amazing girl friends.  When I get back, I’ll be sharing my post-Christmas adventures as well as my Boston adventures.  Hopefully by that time I’ll have a new niece to visit too!

I hope everyone is having an amazing year so far!


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