Shopping, Games and Puppies

This post is especially delayed, since its events occurred the days following Christmas. Boyfriend’s sisters were in town for the holidays, and we all were able to find a lot of time to spend together. A couple days after Christmas I was invited on a girls’ shopping day! This meant that I was shopping with the Boyfriend’s 2 sisters, their mom, and their grandma. A girls’ day this large is foreign to me, as there is a shortage of females in my family. Usually a girls’ day consists of me and my mom – and maybe an aunt or one of our closest friends, but even that’s rare.

So, that Friday morning we headed off to the outlets with our shopping shoes on, and our wallets ready to be lightened a bit. I’d say I had a very successful shopping trip. There were a couple things that I was in search for: pants, dance clothes, and new brown leather boots (mine had somehow gotten a hole in the back of them and I was devastated). Well, there were no dance clothes found, but I bought two pairs of skinny jeans – one orange and one normal colored. The best deal I got was the brown leather boots: The boots I found were originally $134….I paid $31!! We had already bought some clothes at Tommy Hilfiger with a coupon from another customer (talk about good karma, right?), and when we paid we received a printed out coupon for Bass. So I got amazing savings on those boots – I couldn’t turn them down. I also bought a cardigan – not really necessary, but I can always use a nice new sweater; most of my cardigans I bought on clearance in high school.

That evening, the Boyfriend and I had dinner with his sisters. We made Adobo Chicken in the crockpot. Thanks Table for Two Blog for the recipe – it was a hit! (His Older Sister actually made it this weekend for herself and her husband). We then played Cards Against Humanity. Has anyone else played this? It’s hilarious, but also terrible at the same time. The girls had also brought the puppy – here’s a cute one of the Older Sister with a snuggly pup:

A great day in a string of wonderful endings to 2012



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