Enjoying My Last Week of Break

This long of a break was definitely overwhelming. Classes ended December 7th – Boyfriend and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary by attending his holiday office party, and after half a week of finals the holidays were upon us. They were filled with working, holiday cheer, tasty food and lots of family fun. By the end of 2012, I couldn’t believe how much time was left in break…did I really just type that? Is it normal to think that a break is TOO long?

Before I knew it, there was only a week and a half left of break – and I had so much more I wanted to do! I finally met my adorable niece, which also meant quality time with my fantastic brother. He is truly the best new dad I have ever seen: calm, happy, and back to his normal humor. It was a weekend full of celebrating

Now here we are, nearing the end of my last week of break, and living it to the fullest – snow storm and all! Here’s a brief photo recap of my week so far:

Lots of kitty snuggles! She is so funny, loving her snuggle-time with the cold weather.


Homemade sweet and sour chicken – fried rice and all! This was so much better than any take-out.

Puppy naptime – she sleeps in the funniest positions!

Sometimes Girl Scout cookies are the perfect dessert…or snack. Last night I had one of these tasty cookies (and a couple Peanut Butter Patties…oops). The kicker is that we paired them with white wine. Who would have thought such a strange, simple, unhealthy combo would be so perfect after a drive home in the snow?

Daffodils – nothing like fresh flowers in your house on a snowy winter day. Only $1.49 a bunch!

And a trip to Trader Joe’s with my mom, followed by a coffee date at Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters. Found some great stuff – can’t wait to try it all!

That’s my week so far. I plan to make the best of my weekend before heading back to my apartment for the semester (where I still have to pick up my books). Lunch date tomorrow with a friend followed by a night of pizza, wings and a Sabres game with friends, Romantic dinner date night with Boyfriend, and brunch with the parents. Here’s to a great end to break, leading up to an amazing semester!


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