The Night Before A New Semester

The night before new classes start is always an evening filled with a blend of emotions:  anticipation, anxiousness, excitement, nervousness, readiness, uncertainty.  It is a time for preparing.


Currently I’m sitting here wondering what else I need to do to get ready for tomorrow.  It’s so bizarre knowing that first thing in the morning my to-do list will continually grow, but none of those things can be done at this very moment.  Meetings, classes, paperwork, reading, and assignments are waiting to be done, but not quite ready to be attacked.  Alas, I am left sitting here, writing  this blog post, and painting my nails, feeling as though I should be readying myself, but having done everything that can be done prior to the official start to the semester.


So – here we go.  One last night of relaxation before the madness and excitement descends….


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