First Week of a New Semester

Life is Movement and Movement is Change….

…at least that’s what we were told in Modern class this week.  Seriously though – I have always enjoyed the cyclical pattern of semesters beginning and ending.  Some people find this crazy, but I’m one of those people who likes to change around my furniture now and then, just for the element of change.  When I would clean for my mom when I was younger, I would move all of the picture frames to new places; it kept everyone on their toes!  I say embrace the change!

This is brought on by the start of a new semester of grad school.  It’s still a little scary and unfamiliar, but a little less so each day.  Can anyone tell me why the first week is always so frantic?  My guess is everything is new:  schedules, professors, classes, classmates – and jobs!  Did I tell you I got a job on campus?  I’m the Sankofa Touring Manager.  So far it’s a lot of paperwork, emails, phone calls and communicating with the Sankofa Artistic and Music Directors.  It’s exciting!  But it also means that on top of the normal “new” stuff, I’ve also been adapting to a new job – which comes with a shared office (yay!).

All-in-all it feels like it’s going to be a great semester.  Busy, but in a good way – Day 4 felt like the middle of Week 4 due to everything that had already taken place.  Isn’t that also an indicator of feeling adjusted and finding a role in a department?

After numerous classes, rehearsals, meetings and learning new systems for my new job, when Friday rolled around I was definitely ready for the weekend.  I kicked off my weekend – or ended my week, depending how you look at it – with breakfast at Java Junction with my friend Alli.  You’ll see below my tasty coffee and bagel sandwich (definitely one of my favorite type of sandwiches).  I love the dishes they use; lattes out of a real coffee cup always taste better!  After breakfast and catching up I headed to Modern, Ballet and a rehearsal before making the short drive to the Boyfriend’s.  A relaxing yet productive weekend was in order – we’ll find out later if that is what ensued…


Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich with a White Chocolate Latte, courtesy of Java Junction


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