Just Be

Our world is constantly moving; everyone is busily hustling about, focused on production.  I invite us to take some time to just BE!  Be you.  Be yourself.  Alone or with someone else, be yourself.

You do not have to give up yourself to be with someone else –Peggy Hackney

I think back to all the times people talk about couples being two halves becoming one whole together.  So, does that mean before they found one another they were only half a person?  Or are they giving up half of themselves to become one?  When they’re apart, are they different people than when they’re together?

The best example I’ve witnessed of two whole people being fully themselves, especially together, is my brother and sister-in-law.  My sis-in-law’s brother put it best at their wedding reception; it was so poetic.  Ultimately the two of them are perfect together:  remaining themselves, but highlighting the best in one another.

I can only hope that when I choose to spend my life with someone, we can be as amazing together.


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