Sunday Brunch Date

When I was a kid I almost always refused going out to breakfast. OK, let’s be serious – this refusal continued into the not-so-distant past. There just wasn’t anything better than eating breakfast in my PJ’s, or helping Dad make pancakes or waffles. If those breakfasts hadn’t happened my mom wouldn’t have been able to teach me how to cook eggs in a number of different eggs. And I LOVE breakfast – these family mornings helped shape that value.

The other day the Boyfriend offered to take me out for breakfast…and so we did. We went to a the Brockport Diner – it was very tasty! I got an omelette with broccoli, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. It came with toast and I chose hash browns (AMAZING). SO MUCH FOOD. Those hash browns were pretty much polished off, but I brought home half of my omelette and some of the toast.

Here’s my view of the table: 20130224-201632.jpg

The Boyfriend got eggs florentine – an all-around family fave! 20130224-201644.jpg

I guess going out to breakfast isn’t so bad. Plus we didn’t have to do the dishes!


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