Spring Broke

Here we are, the second day of “Spring” during Spring break, and the ground is dusted with snow. I’m sitting here under a blanket with wool socks on and considering lighting a candle for a little more warmth. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of what the entirety of Spring will be.

So far, this week has not been the break I was hoping for…I started out my break with a trip to the eye doctor – it went well, just not my idea of a fun time. Saturday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with friends.  Irish beer, garbage plates, Jameson and ginger ale, beer & pretzel truffles, pizza – lots of fun, but SO COLD! It was even snowing during the parade.


Sunday we celebrated with corned beef and cabbage at my parents – so we had a great weekend.


The fun ended when I went to the dentist Tuesday to find out I had to get fillings on Wednesday – I was hoping to spend Wednesday with my friend on her birthday, and then getting my haircut and some mother/daughter time. After my time at the dentist – my car needed some extra work done, when I had planned on getting only an oil change. By the time my hair was cut (which I LOVE), I was ready to head to the Boyfriend’s and have a relaxing dinner. Thankfully, that definitely happened. It was early to bed and now here I am, with a day filled with whatever I’d like it to be filled with!



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