Time Flies!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but really time just seems to fly regardless these days.  Not that I’m not having fun.  It’s just that fun is definitely not occupying 100% of my time.  And yet somehow I have managed to reach the end of my first year of graduate school.

That’s it.  One year done.

I handed in my last paper, had a fantastic dinner with my fellow first-year graduate students, and stage-managed the Graduation Dances concert.  All-in-all a successful week…

So what now?  Well, Monday is my dad’s birthday – so we are celebrating with some tasty eats at my parents’ house.  Then I’m off to the NDEO Dance 2050 Symposium to be a transcriber for 2 days.  (and when I say “off to,” I mean I’m attending – I don’t really have to go anywhere).  It will be jam-packed with information and ideas from some of the great leaders in the dance field.

And then it’s summer!  I don’t have much planned this summer, but I do have a nice list of books on my reading list.

Are you ready!?


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