Balloons, Outdoors Fun & Birthdays

So much has been going on this past week and a half – I’ll be spending the next week or so taking time to reflect and sharing some of the exciting stand-out stuff. Here’s a quick look at my life last weekend and the beginning of last week.

Graduation Dances: a concert filled with the performing of graduating seniors and MFA students in the Dance Department. This concert had A LOT of props – which certainly made my stage managing job a lot more entertaining. Here are the rose petals and balloons that were used by some of the dancers.



Sunday morning the Boyfriend and I decided to venture out to get a patio set. It took us a couple hours to research and go shopping, and then another hour or two to put it all together with his dad, but it’s gorgeous! Here he is celebrating with a beer after all our hard work 20130524-143141.jpg

Monday morning I got to spend some time with my mom. We started our day together with a tasty breakfast and homemade lattes! This experience reinforced my desire for my very own espresso machine – it would certainly be better than rushing out to coffee shops whenever I’m craving a tasty latte (and convenient when we get snowed in this winter)! 20130524-143149.jpg

We spend the rest of the morning cooking for my dad’s birthday. Dinner was smoked ribs with Grandma’s BBQ sauce recipe (Dad got a new smoker attachment for his grill and was itching to try it out), grilled asparagus, potato salad and pasta salad – all so tasty! For dessert we made Rhubarb Cream Pie, one of our favorite recipes from the Rochester Public Market Cookbook. My parents have some beautiful rhubarb this year! Oh, and I had to add this adorable candle that has been sitting in our kitchen for over 10 years. 20130524-143203.jpg

Bonus of visiting my parents? Snuggling with this cutie! It was a little chillier for May so she was ready to snuggle overnight. 20130524-143210.jpg


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