Exciting News!!

I am seriously behind in what I had planned to blog about over the past week. I had hoped to share my thoughts and reflections on the NDEO Dance 2050 Symposium; I had hoped to share my experience running the light board for a dance studio recital; I had hoped to share the experience of going to the outdoor farmer’s market for the first time for the season. Instead, I got wrapped up in the excitement of life and surprises and have been waiting for the right time and way to share this news.

The morning of Memorial Day my boyfriend proposed to me – we’re engaged! He proposed over coffee in his backyard – one of my favorite ways to spend a wonderful time of day. It was perfect. We proceeded to have my parents over for breakfast (this was already planned) and shared the news with them, called my brother, and then shared the news with his family. Everyone knew it was coming at some point, it was just a matter of when, but everyone has been overwhelmed with excitement!

Friday we were finally able to have some time just the two of us when we didn’t have any other obligations or plans so we were able to celebrate together with some dark chocolate I had purchased a few weeks ago, and some tasty red wine.

I cannot explain in words how happy we are to be taking this next step in our lives together and to be preparing to plan a wedding!


If you have never had this chocolate – it is fantastic! They have lots of different flavors.



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