Revisiting a Family Favorite

When I was younger my mom made this fantastic pot roast – it wasn’t really anything fancy. Just a pot roast cooked in a slow cooker with cream of mushroom soup and dried onion soup mix. It had the tastiest gravy and she always served it over egg noodles. This was by far one of my favorite meals!

It was so tasty!

So Thursday night, an unseasonably cool and rainy evening, when I was trying to decide what to make I settled on this pot roast recipe. Except I didn’t really have the ingredients….and it was too late in the day to whip out the crock pot. So, here is my latest version of this home-cooked family favorite:

1 pot roast

2/3 of an onion

1 can cream of broccoli soup

ground black pepper


olive oil

I began by spraying a 9×13 pyrex dish (this was a giant beef roast). Then placed the roast in and peppered both sides. I then poured the can of cream of broccoli soup on top of the roast and smeared it around. Finally, I placed the sliced onion on top of that, with a couple slices in the pan surrounding the roast. I drizzled this with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt before covering it with foil and placing it in a 350 degree oven. Part way through I turned the roast over. After about 2 1/2 hours I took the roast out and let it set before cutting it into pieces. I whisked the juices left in the pan together, creating a tasty gravy. We ate it with egg noodles, just like my mom used to serve it when I was little.

Do you have any childhood favorites that you’ve revisited as an adult?

It was tasty!



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