Fond Memories

Shortly after the Fiance and I started dating he went to study in Norwich. It was a long semester, but I was able to visit him during Spring Break when we were able to have lots of fun traveling and visiting various places. One of my favorite trips was to Oxford, where my brother had studied for a summer 8 years prior.

While there we happened upon what would become our favorite coffee place of my visit, Coffee Republic. It was the first time the two of us shared coffee out together.


When he returned from his semester over seas, he brought with him a Coffee Republic mug for me. It has since then been one of my favorites. When I moved into my apartment it was the first mug I used on my first morning there.

After moving in with my Fiance, I was so excited to unpack some of my favorite coffee mugs, including this one. So on our first coffee-in-bed morning as a living-together-couple, I had to document using my Coffee Republic mug – you can also see a glimpse of my stunning engagement ring!


Coffee In Bed

Here’s to the unpacking and use of more things that bring up fond memories. Is there anything that you have or regularly use that reminds you of some of your favorite times?


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