Cape Cod

We started off our week of vacation by driving down to meet the fiance’s family in Cape Cod. They have gone several times, as it is their favorite yearly family vacation location. The first day there we spent some time at the beach catching up with everyone. The time together was wonderful – we all were able to make some memories together, relax, play games, and do a little shopping (we even picked up our guest book for the wedding!). It will definitely be a vacation we will all remember fondly. Here’s a glance at what I captured throughout the week with my phone.

One of our sunsets – we never got a perfect sunset, but this one was pretty!

On a foggy evening we took a romantic evening walk just the 2 of us. Here’s my happy guy starting to relax

My soon-to-be sister-in-law and Grandpa during our day trip adventuring

Logan and Josh playing ladder ball


The last partial day there was chilly! We all went shopping in Chatham and I grabbed a tasty Mocha. Nothing better than a tasty coffee on a cool day during vacation.

There were so many other fun times, including burying my fiance’s sister in the sand, lots of walks on the beach, and my future in-laws renewing their vows one morning! It certainly was a special trip.

What are your vacation highlights?


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