Fall is on its way

Here we are, mid-August, and I’m wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt as I write this.  I love this weather.  The crispness of the air.  And I love being able to wear cozy sweaters and sweatshirts with scarves as the weather gets chilly.  This might be my favorite time of year.  We still have the end of tasty tomatoes from summer, but we are also gearing up for fall produce and food items.

I’m consistently daydreaming of doing schoolwork in a cozy sweater while drinking a pumpkin latte or a nice cup of tea or cocoa.  Of course the windows would be open and candles lit, as the leaves have already started to change color.  OK, so scratch the school work and add in some Netflix watching.  Maybe some baking of homemade cinnamon bread too – that’s definitely one of my favorites.

Since it’s not quite reasonable for pumpkin lattes yet (I’m trying to hold out until September), I splurged on these items when I went grocery shopping today:  Saranac Pumpkin ale, and Angry Orchard Traditional Dry.  I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the Angry Orchard flavors this season.  In fact, I would have bought them today but they were out of the variety pack.


What is your favorite way to celebrate fall?


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