Farmers Markets

One thing I love most about Summer and Fall is the Farmers Market.  I used to go with my mom every weekend, and lately Logan and I have made it into a Sunday morning date.  We get up and go straight to the market, sometimes getting lots of veggies, sometimes getting just a few.

A couple weeks ago we discovered that my favorite Canandaigua coffee shop had a booth at the market we go to regularly.  Naturally I jumped on getting an iced coffee – especially since we hadn’t had any coffee yet that morning.


That same week, we bought endless amounts of things.  This included tomatoes, bread, pasta from Flour City Pasta (seriously, it’s amazing), Red Jacket Orchards Grape Juice (one of my favorites), eggs and almond butter.  Check out the whole spread pictured below.


An amazing benefit of all this amazing produce is the things that you can cook with it.  One night I made one of my childhood favorites:  sauteed corn and zucchini.  My mom used to make this ALL the time.  Another night I made a frittata for dinner, utilizing all local ingredients.  Even the hot sauce we used as a condiment was made locally!  Buying local and fresh makes for not only beautiful foods, but also especially tasty meals!

IMG_1013 IMG_1022


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