Wedding Makeup, Centerpieces, Dessert

I have spent a large amount of time this summer planning our wedding.  It has been a blast!  I picked out my wedding dress within a week of being engaged – it was the first dress I tried on.  Getting married in the winter means I now need to pick out a jacket, which has proven to be difficult.  I decided that I want to get a jacket that I will wear in the future – not one for only the wedding day.  So that’s still out there.

We found our photographer – he is amazing and we so look forward to meeting with him.

The past few days I have been playing with makeup for the wedding.  I want to get new makeup, but I have tried out different colors for my eyes to see what I like.  I think I decided to go with coppers/golds and browns to highlight my eyes and bring out the green in them.

Centerpieces provided another area of stress.  We didn’t want flowers.  We thought about doing potted herbs, but then realized that getting married in January means we would have to cultivate and care for these herbs for several months – not a great plan with our crazy schedules.  After lots of research and discussion, we finally settled on upside-down wine glasses with candles on them.  Our reception is at a winery so it works perfectly!  To keep a bit of the vintage feel we are going for, we also want to accent and add levels with old vintage books.

Lastly, we had trouble with dessert.  We wanted something fancy – as it is our wedding and we only get one.  But I didn’t want cake or to do a cake cutting ceremony.

We are thinking cupcakes and french macarons, but I’d love input from anyone who might have an idea for desserts.  We are also doing a hot cocoa bar so I was leaning towards types of desserts that can be picked up and eaten…


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