First Week Recap

The first week back to school is always absolutely insane. Luckily, I walked into my office Monday morning to this wonderful surprise! Having friends at grad school makes it so much better – and it’s one of the many reasons being a 2nd year is better than being a 1st year.


Day 1 was filled with welcome festivities, meetings, meeting new students and faculty, and buying books. Day 2 meant auditions which followed a long day of classes, learning repertory – lots of dancing! Day 3 was a little more relaxed; more dancing, planning, meetings and a grad reception to welcome the new grads. 🙂 Day 4 brought more auditions – this time for our New Dancers. Each year the new members of the dance department are featured in their own show at the end of the fall semester: New Dancers’ Showcase. This year, I get to coordinate this concert – and therefore the auditions. Check out below to find the choreographers getting ready to select dancers, and a view of our wonderfully talented new dancers about to learn some phrases.



And that was it! Luckily, I was able to create my schedule so I don’t have classes on Friday – yay super long weekend!


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